Rabu, 18 Mei 2016

VIDEO: BDS force Rap Duo Die Antwoord To Cancel Israel display - Breitbart information

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TEL AVIV – South African rap duo, Die Antwoord, is being compelled by way of the boycott Israel flow to cancel its upcoming concert in Israel, the Jerusalem submit reported.

"It has come to our attention and the consideration of our Israeli and Palestinian allies that you intend performing in Israel right through June 2016," South African Boycott, Divestment, and Sanctions (BDS) activists wrote in a letter to the neighborhood. "As fellow South Africans we're happy with our artists' international success and, in certain, within the case of Die Antwoord, your ingenious musical and efficiency artistry."

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according to the anti-Israel activists, the parallels between Israel's medicine of the Palestinians and South Africa's historical past of apartheid may still be sufficient for the group to forego their June 8 efficiency.

"We humbly request you as fellow South Africans to choose to stand on the side of and abide by using the boycott called with the aid of Palestinian civil society in their combat for freedom and justice – a boycott that has bought increasing aid from Israeli peace activists as smartly," the BDS supporters wrote.

"We trust that you will severely consider our request now not to function in Israel and that your decision will mirror a commitment to justice, freedom and democratic rights."

The Afrikaans rap group's signature lyrics and provocative performances have led to a sensation on the internet, with views of their YouTube clips reaching the tens of thousands and thousands.

The songs, which they term "Zef" – an Afrikaans term loosely similar to "redneck" – consist of explicit language in each Afrikaans and English.

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