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James Corden and Sharon Stone movie a Rap Video to assist Her ranking a quality Date - E! online

James Corden and Sharon Stone movie a Rap Video to aid Her score a quality Date

James Corden can do it all.

He can sing, he can act and, as it seems, he is has knack for rapping. Sharon Stone stopped by way of The Late Late exhibit Thursday and when she published to Corden that she has a tricky time discovering decent dates, he determined to assist her out via filming a rap video.

both megastar in a tune video for his or her normal rap tune, "i'm Sharon Stone, Bitch," and contours Corden rapping about his new BFF Stone. He listed a couple of of her unbelievable features, together with being a "Hollywood icon with a Nobel prize." dressed in a zip up covered fully in $one hundred bills, Corden showed how bad ass they can be.

"None of her instincts are primary / bitches more suitable bow down / She'll make you overlook your entire life / total recollect," he rapped whereas she sat on her throne or danced seductively on the late-nighttime talk demonstrate host.

regardless of Corden's staggering rap abilities, don't forget who the true superstar is. "i am Sharon Stone, Bitch," the casino actress says within the refrain.

Sharon Stone, James Corden


in case you essential to any extent further cause to move on a date with the blond bombshell, proceed reading. "She's the OG looker kind TJ hooker / Breaking hearts from Douglas to DeNiro," Corden continued.

but like every superstar, Stone does not are looking to be exploited or taken potential of, so don't think about occurring a date along with her just for the story! "I shouldn't have to say this but she values privacy / So punch your self in the nuts earlier than you call TMZ," Corden rapped.

Message acquired.

donning pink tights and a black bodysuit all through the majority of the video, Stone showed that she has nonetheless bought it at 58. Age in reality is simply a host.

The conclusion of the video showed both stars getting a tad out of control, so watch the video to see the way it all comes to an in depth.

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