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Hip-Hop Critic Gene Simmons Thinks Thom Yorke might Rap - Stereogum

Gene Simmons is an opinionated dude with a tongue long adequate to express every single concept that involves his head. That doesn't imply he should, and he is aware of this, however he does it anyway. In an interview at Noisey the KISS celebrity is requested to comment on some new singles, and it makes for some wonderful stuff. He says crimson hot Chili Peppers legitimately rap however they're still definitively rock, N.W.A don't belong within the Rock And Roll corridor Of reputation in the equal way KISS don't belong in the Hip Hop hall Of reputation, and Justin Timberlake gets unfair criticism as a white man in R&B. He's additionally a huge Radiohead fan.

It's complicated for other bands to do Radiohead songs, on account of the electricity of their identification. Their identity is key to the song, in particular Thom Yorke's voice. Thom Yorke has bought one of the terrific voices in up to date rock. He could do anything he wanted with that voice. He might rap, he could sing pop, he may well be the new lead singer of the 4 Seasons if he wanted to.

I'm very a lot a Radiohead fan. funny thing is, Thom Yorke in selected receives very upset when I talk about them. I'm a superb fan but i do know that they hate everything we do – the excessive visuals, the licensing, the merchandise, we like all that. We bathe in it. That's not something they need to do. The great thing about Radiohead is that they certainly not tried to appear to be any one else. Will Radiohead enthusiasts like "Burn the Witch?" Oh yeah. may Michael Bublé do a version of Burn the Witch? I'm now not bound that's a good suggestion.

My common Radiohead track remains their breakout single, "Creep." And my regular Blur tune is that quantity 5 component, "Woohoo!" That's simply my style.

optimistically Yorke will list those bars soon. in keeping with Simmons rap is gonna die, might be subsequent yr.

Bonus: right here's Simmons on death Grips:

I'm now not qualified to talk about the style, so i will be able to't in reality touch upon if here is decent material. It bound as hell ain't rock. I lately had my NWA moment with Ice cube who I get together with extremely good, I think he's a superb guy, extremely good father. but NWA doesn't belong within the 'Rock n Roll corridor of fame', within the equal manner Kiss doesn't belong within the hip-hop hall of repute. by using definition that's what it's. Rock is guitars, drums, amplifiers. We may additionally have began in the same region, black song in america, however we developed into distinctive places. And individuals always pull out the race card, which is so dull, it's simply convenient, which you could at all times opt for it up. My established guitarist is black. Jimi Hendrix. He doesn't belong in the hip-hop hall of fame. He's most likely the pre-eminent rock guitarist of all time. So, in short, I'm not certified to assert anything else abou t loss of life Grips, however first rate luck to them.

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