Senin, 30 Mei 2016

local art-rock band hosts pre-unlock party, costume contest at resort Utica - WKTV

UTICA, N.Y. - a native art-rock band will host a pre-liberate celebration at hotel Utica. 

On June 4th at eight:00 p.m., artwork-rock band Jack and the Jukebox will perform their whole new album The Mirage at hotel Utica. 

The band all started when three pals - Timothy Parker, Spencer Colucy and Aaron Myatt - "lamented the lack of content material and depth of a great deal contemporary tune." This album is their plan to combat that lack. 

in line with an announcement, the name of the album refers to the nearly ink-blot-like response of listeners. Some people hear a bit of older Genesis, some individuals hear a bit Jeff Buckley, Neoclassical, Cabaret, even Velvet Underground, but with a punchy beat. 

they are proud to announce that the ultimate studying is being achieved at Abbey highway, the place the Beatles recorded in London. The band has attracted so a whole lot skill in the enviornment they even have been capable of garner guide for his or her band art and music video. 

The resort Utica experience contains a fancy dress contest to commemorate the contemporary free up of their music video Falling Asleep. The winner receives one of the most first one hundred signed copies upon liberate, a Jack and the Jukebox T-shirt, and different Jack candies.

Admission to the pre-free up celebration is free. 

For greater suggestions, or for booking advice, please discuss with the band's fb page. 

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