Sabtu, 30 April 2016

The day by day exhibit turns Donald Trump's bragging and misogyny into a rap track - Vox

Donald Trump is familiar for asserting lots of bizarre, offensive things on the crusade path. however the daily display finally found out a superb use for those strains: a rap video.

"every thing Trump says is straight out of a rapper's playbook," correspondent Roy wood Jr. observed on Thursday. "He brags about his funds. he's disrespectful to girls. and there is at all times fights at his concert events."

Host Trevor Noah wondered the idea firstly, arguing Trump "is just saying stuff." but wood countered, "The identical manner rappers simply say stuff. Do you actually think Jay Z has ninety nine complications? he is a billionaire. at the most he's bought 12 complications."

To prove the conception, timber put together an genuine rap video of Trump's traces. it really works … extraordinarily well. here's one area, keeping in mind these are actual Trump fees:

i'm so respectable looking.

i am actually prosperous.

a part of the elegance in me is that i'm very wealthy.

do not admire girls … They realize it's the opposite.

Arianna Huffington is unattractive.

nevertheless do not accept as true with it? Watch the whole video above. And also try The every day show's website for "Black Trump," which has the video, audio, and annotated lyrics.

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